For Sale

Taito Arkanoid – $250

Arkanoid is a nostalgic favorite for many people. It is the upgrade to the Breakout style of game. You have a paddle controlled by a spinner on the control panel that you use to rebound a ball against blocks and enemies at the top of the screen. Different powerups drop from destroyed blocks that give this game longevity. Fun to play, but hard to master!

Blitz ’99 – $600

Blitz ’99 is a game most of you still remember playing against your friends on. This over-the-top football game allowed for 2v2 play and some dirty hits.  The game is 100% working with coin mechanisms and N64 cartridge accepter (yes, you can load N64 data to it). You can also turn it on freeplay and have a Blitz in your very own home!

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