For Sale

Lord of the Rings – $5,000

Lord of the Rings is widely considered one of the best pinball games ever made. This 2003 pin includes themes and gameplay elements from the entire trilogy including multiball modes for each movie, the Ring shot, Balrog bash, and much more. This pin has recently had a new playfield installed and the playfield is in pristine condition!

Sega After Burner II – $400

Sega’s After Burner was a staple of the arcade back in the day. This is the one you remember — with flight stick and throttle control — in a stand up version. Do the original barrel roll!

Trog – $650

The dedicated four-player version of Trog is a rare game. This is a great family-friendly game that allows four people to compete and complete a puzzle board by collecting all the eggs. Just watch out for the Trogs! These are cavemen who want to bonk you over the head and devour your dinosaur players.

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